About the Chef

Hey there!  Since you came to my About the Chef page my guess is you actually want me to tell you a bit about myself. So let’s get started!

I am a wife and a full-time working mom of  7 (three are mine and 4 are his) though I often refer to them as feeling more like 127!  And I have been cooking for as long as I can remember.   

I was the kid that would get up at 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning just to beat my mom to the kitchen so I could make breakfast.  Trust me this little quirk didn’t always please her and my dad ate more burnt on the outside raw on the inside pancakes than he could count! (God bless him!)

Whenever I have the chance I love scouring the isles of auctions, estate sales and used book stores rummaging through boxes and shelves looking for old cookbooks.  When I turn the pages of a cookbook from the early 1900’s compiled of the dishes and treats that the ladies of the church have brought to potluck dinners and family holidays I feel as if I am a part of history.  When I open an old discarded copy of the Betty Crocker cookbook and a clipped recipe from an old newspaper falls into my lap it’s almost as thrilling as that winning Powerball ticket I’m always convinced I have!  When I see a handwritten recipe on a stained and yellowed 3×5 index card I can’t help but picture the author sitting at her kitchen table, legs crossed, one end of her pen against her lip as she composes  the formula to the pie recipe that she took to the bake sale and has been asked for over and over!  

When I find time to spare I love wandering through farmers markets, specialty grocery stores and kitchen gadget shops.  Sampling the local fare or looking for that next best kitchen tool with a cup of coffee in hand can bring peace and quiet to what is a very hectic life!

I’ve taught courses on cooking, owned a catering company, worked as an executive chef, managed restaurants and food retail establishments and never for one moment have I tired of food!  I love to eat great food, I love to shop for food, I love to talk about food and I love to cook for my family and friends.  The kitchen is the absolute center of our home and believe me when I tell you we can fill it up!  We have a crazy busy life and I wouldn’t change one moment of it!  I hope you enjoy what you see and learn here.  I guarantee I will love sharing with you.  

So please, sit back, pour yourself a beverage and get ready for a good time as we explore together the art of feeding family, friends and the soul!

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